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Our Story

Since our founding, our mission has been to help you find your place, invest and build wealth in Africa’s Largest City, Lagos. Our journey started with a team of dynamic members who love Lagos and recognised a global potential in Lagos’ real estate market.

We knew that this meant incorporating global standards in our values, which are expressions of three founding Japanese principles. The first, which is Shoshin, represents the beginner’s mindset. Kaizen depicts the small incremental growth through the journey. Then we have Shujin, which represents mastery of our profession.

These values form a bedrock for our neighbourhood specialist model. We have a team of knowledgeable neighbourhood specialists who have grown to become masters in specific neighbourhoods. We know that it’s only through consistent practice of our values we can in return offer true value to our clients. It is through our values we matchmake our clients with their dream homes & smart investments whilst spreading our services across Lagos, Abuja, Dubai and across the globe.

Our Values

Shoshin: Beginner's Mindset

We believe in the principle of open-mindedness. This principle implores us to let go of preconceived notions and to approach our operations and clients from a blank canvas.

Kaizen: Incremental Growth

We believe in the principle of small incremental growth. This principle implores us to make small changes in our daily lives and doing real estate differently at each point. We are always training, always learning and always growing.

Shujin: Mastery & Area Specialism

We believe in the principle of mastery and specialization. We practice a neighbourhood specialist model that implores us to master our areas, clients’ lifestyle, behavioural patterns and their needs.

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