Unlocking Small Business Opportunities in the Lucrative Real Estate Sector

May 29, 2023

Many at times it is wondered or debated at length that the Real Estate sector only necessarily
deals with or is based on three things- Buying, Selling of Lands and properties; and
Consulting. True and False! I know right, you would have thought I had said YES! like that,
as to many that should/would be the outright answer. If this has been your thought or
perspective, I won’t say you’re wrong neither would I say you are right either. Confused
right? It might have been due to the perspective or ideology widely shared across making
people believe the Real Estate sector is such “a small world” with less opportunity since it
has a reduced scope or covers limited aspects. So glad to bring to your notice that it
encompasses other aspects at a very wide range and it is related to other skills and jobs. From
Agency, Photography, Social media marketing, Movers, Maintenance, Cleaners, Gardeners e.
t. c.

It has often been said that money is a propelling force, others would say if it is not making
money then it isn’t making sense. To every effort made the end result should be to earn
something beneficial that is why people engage in one business or occupation or the other not
only to gain knowledge but also to make ends meet or to earn themselves a source of
livelihood. The aforementioned kinds of Job or occupation if channeled into the right source
can fetch for you a lifetime investment. Questions arising right…not to get yourself all
worked up, would give a brief insight how small business as such can be related to the Real
Estate sector and how to seize such opportunity.


More often than not, any Agency in the real estate sector is multi-dimensional, its
role in the real estate industry goes beyond just the selling and leasing of properties. It also
carries the responsibility of being a manager; this role covers the overall management and
maintenance of a property long after its development. An Agency creates a relationship
between architects, builders, financial analysts and the investor/developer and the
development opens, it lasts for almost the lifetime of the development. This is an important
quality that cannot be offered from any other professional in the industry. You can be the
niche that bridges the gap, “picks and connects dots”, follow-up and keeps the sector running.
Don’t know how to do it? Then learn or acquire the skill. STOP LAZING AROUND!


This? Can’t pictures be snapped by using a phone or personal camera?
Photographers can’t be taken seriously or would they be paid well in the real estate sector?
Not until I tell you that good photography and videography are critical for the success of a
real estate professional. Researchers have proven that Homes with high quality photography
sell 32 percent faster; Homes with more photos sell faster, too as a home with one photo
spends an average 70 days on the market, but a home with 20 photos spends 32 days on the
market; Homes of those that include high-quality photography in their listings value more.
Are you a professional photographer; know the do’s and don’ts of photography; can tweak
images or videos in such a way that would be appealing to potential buyers or clients of the
real estate sector? You would agree with me that venturing into this aspect of the economy
would do you really good.


Social media is a modern platform that allows realtors
to build their brand right where their audience is. It enables them to share more information
on their brands directly with their customers. In this 21st Century Social media platforms or
channels are the fastest way or medium the real estate sector device in marketing their
listings, advertise their brands, compete with other companies e. t. c. Don’t waste that skill of
yours, you can help build an effective and impactful branding strategy for that real estate
company, help influence their brand via social media and be rest assured to earn a worthwhile
livelihood from there even at the comfort of your time and space.


Do you just refer to this
category of people as minimal or less important? Wait until you get a house or property, then
you would realize how important this set of people are in helping you move one thing or the
other, doing your cleaning, making the whole place look well, nice, tidy, and keeping your
property in the best conditions. Guess you can’t do it all by yourself coupled with stress from
work or other engagements. Then you will know that it has rightly been said that you have
never known the importance of something or a person until when you’re in need of it or them.
When your property is damaged, even in small ways, the worst decision you can make is to
ignore it and put off repairs for another day. Problems with buildings won’t go away on their
own, in fact, they tend to worsen as time progresses, putting its inhabitants at potential risk.
With regular maintenance, you can save up on costly repair expenses while maintaining your
building’s appearance e. t. c. Hence the need for this set of people would continually
arise/increase opening opportunities for people into this kind of business.
The Real Estate sector is a lucrative aspect of the economy as indicated earlier but knowing
how and where to be a part and parcel of it would not only strengthen you financially but
would also enhance and promote that business you refer to has being small or up to nothing;
take it to a new level; change your orientation and attitude towards it and see it bloom, taking
a new shape.

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